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Z Club

The Z Club,  founded in 2015 at Joliet Central High School, known as the

Fearless Females, has become an integral part of Zonta’s mission. The

students are incorporated into almost every aspect of the club’s service.

Through the partnership with Central’s Fearless Females, Joliet Zontians

provide career guidance, mentorship, and the ideal of service to the

young women. Joliet Central High School’s Z Club has become a model

for other Zonta Clubs in the area.


A few of the opportunities afforded to the Z Club Fearless Females

through the Zonta Club of Joliet include:

  • A beginning and end of the year celebration with delicious food and mentorship from the club’s membership

  • Participation in special events as guests at fundraising events

  • Participation in advocacy initiatives, such as the Will County Take Back the Night and the Period Pack Project, which provides feminine supplies that teachers can have on-hand to give to students.

  • Career exploration events such as the Zonta Speed Dating event where students learn about the careers of Zonta Club members


And each year, Zonta Club members deliver baskets overflowing with supplies to Fearless Females seniors to help them get established, whether they are headed away for college or staying locally to attend college or work. From bath and household goods to treats, the young ladies are fully prepared, thanks to the generosity of Zonta.

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"One highlight is learning how  Zontians around the world have developed projects and programs to lift up girls and women in their communities. "

- Helen Hatchett

Zontian since 1970 in Tallahassee, FL and Aurora, IL, Joliet since 2005

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