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Zonta On The Move Drops a New Podcast Episode

Episode #5 of the Zonta On The Move podcast is now available wherever you listen to podcasts, including on Spotify.

When tragedy strikes one’s life, what do you do? We would all like to think it is something you can get over.... until it knocks at your own door. There is hope!

On this podcast, main host Bonnie Winfrey talks to two experts in healing from trauma. First, she speaks with Betty Major-Rose, founder and CEO of Parents Against Gangs and the Family Trauma Advocacy and Counseling Center and the author of the book, “Shattered, but not Broken.” Next, the three ZOTM hosts speak with Pastor Beverly Tucker, who specializes in healing hurting people and delivering them from trauma. They both offer sound advice on how to take back your life. This is one podcast you definitely want to tune into!

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